STC Offers On-line Access to Financial Statements Thereby putting the “Self” in Self-Directed IRA

STC of Hagerstown, Maryland, has announced the availability of on-line access for its clients to their IRA’s financial information.

STC is the leading provider of administration services to owners of self-directed IRA accounts. As such, STC creates a limited liability company (LLC) structure for self-directed IRA investing, confers with its clients regarding investment strategies, reviews all client transactions to ensure their compliance with IRS and ERISA regulations, and manages all custodial and reporting functions.

With all self-directed assets titled in the name of the client’s LLC, STC manages these assets and their associated transactions like those an operating business and produces quarterly financial statements for each client, including a Statement of Profit & Loss and a Balance Sheet. With STC’s new on-line client information systems, the Company’s clients can now view all of their financial information on line.

Unlike other companies in the field which are either asset custodians or “checkbook IRA” set-up companies, STC  plays an active role with the IRA’s assets, managing all of the back-office functions associated with non-traditional asset investing; including such examples as tax liens and real estate IRA investing. The Company’s unique approach to IRA financial administration alleviates the account holder from concerns regarding their entering into prohibited transactions, purchasing prohibited assets, dealing with prohibited parties, complying with annual reporting requirements, and a dealing with a host of other complex issues associated with self-directed IRA accounts.

As explained on STC’s new web site, the Company’s focus is on the individual investor, and the site is filled with personal reflections from STC’s clients on their self-directed IRA investing experiences. The site also includes a variety of tools to help investors navigate through the often complex world of self-directed retirement investment options. These tools include access to the Company’s periodic Industry Insight email alerts, frequent self-directed IRA educational webinars from industry experts and podcasts that are designed to guide individual investors.

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