Self-directed IRA Administrator Helps Financial Professionals Increase Client Base

From realtors, real estate brokers & commercial land developers to business brokers, mortgage brokers & financial planners, everyone is feeling the effects of today’s turbulent economy. Industries that were flourishing just a few years ago have now been affected by tight lending restrictions, lack of funding and a general sense of fear stemming from stock market woes and vanishing retirement plans. Financial professionals are now left with the task of becoming much more creative about how to close deals and retain & increase their client bases.

STC, a leading self-directed retirement plan administrator, seems to have found a creative solution for just that. By launching a cooperative business development program for financial professionals early this month, STC is showing how new opportunities, in the world of self-directed investing, can grow their businesses.

While self-directing your retirement plan — such as an IRA, SEP, Roth or even a 401(k) — as an alternative to the stock market is not headline news, a program which allows the financial community to benefit from, and their clients benefit from, is. And while STC is already helping investors structure potential transactions and comply with the complex reporting requirements associated with self directed IRAs and 401(k) Plans, their unique LLC structure helps to facilitate those transactions that are a natural fit within the real estate and lending industries. “The LLC structure offers maximum flexibility by offering an immediate response to investment opportunities, simplification of asset titling and the ease of pooling funds for investors looking to combine their funds to purchase an investment,” explains Mick Hersh, Chief Operating Officer for STC.

Because STC does not offer or represent any investment opportunities, partnering with those that do completes the circle while giving financial professionals creative investment funding options to present to their clients. It truly ends up being a home run all around when you factor in that the investor not only gets to close their deal, but also take control of their retirement and invest their nest egg in assets outside the stock market. In an economy where 2 out of 3 Americans over the age of 45 now intend to postpone retirement, due to the recently disappearing value in their retirement plans, these investors are going to be thanking their financial professionals for presenting this as an option. And these same investors will say thank you by not only sticking around, but by passing on the good word to their friends & colleagues.

STC’s cooperative business development program offers creative benefits, like co-branded advertising, cooperative website marketing and email marketing customized for each partner.

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