Self Directed IRA Accounts – President’s Perspective

jlaughlinThanks so much for your interest in learning more about self directed IRA accounts and STC’s role in this rapidly growing industry. The companies that are active in self directed IRA investing fall into three categories. First, are the “set-up” companies, which provide their clients with a legal framework in which they can affect self directed transactions. Secondly, are the “custodial” companies which agree to take title to assets that you have purchased for your retirement account. And thirdly, is STC, which is unique in that we provide “total service” investment options to our clients.  We believe that the total service provided by STC is the only viable option for active and sophisticated investors and for individuals with substantial retirement funds to invest.

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We truly mean total service. We create a flexible legal framework for your self directed IRA account’s investments, we manage the custodial requirements, and most importantly, we assist you in structuring all of your transactions so they will comply by the IRS and ERISA guidelines.

Carefully consider the consequences of your decision before your choose a self directed IRA partner.  For example, we find that more than 35% of the transactions in which  our clients want to engage are prohibited by ERISA or the IRS. Without assistance from STC, these investors would have risked forfeiting their entire self directed IRA account by engaging in a prohibited transaction. Can you really afford to do self directed IRA investing on your own with merely a set-up or custodial company and not have STC review your proposed self directed IRA account transactions? We think very few people have the requisite knowledge to take this risk.

STC understands the laws and fees associated with self directed IRA investing. We take care of the complex regulatory and accounting details of your self directed IRA accounts. We’re with you when you structure your self directed IRA investments so that you can focus on making great decisions.

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