Private Equity

Investing in Private Equity

Help start, grow, or buy a business with this great growth opportunity.

“C” corporations, Limited liability companies, Partnerships, Private debt placements

icon-equityAll around us, people are investing in private equity, raising money to start, grow, or buy a business. Small businesses are the backbone of the United States economy and investing in them could be a good option for your self directed IRA retirement plan.

Your IRA can invest in all different types of businesses, including “C” corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, hedge funds, and private debt placements. About the only option that is not available for your IRA are shares of an “S” corporation.

“S” corporations have to give up their favorable tax status if they accept IRA investments.

Investing in private equity presents a great growth opportunity for your retirement portfolio. As with any growth-type investment, this area comes with its share of risks, and the rules governing prohibited transactions must be followed. STC can help guide you to your own successful growth company strategy!

Are you interested in private equity investing? or looking for a private equity firm? Contact STC today!

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