STC – Your Full-service Self-directed IRA Administrator

buildingWhat do we mean by ‘full-service’? We mean we provide you with all the support necessary for you to successfully manage your retirement account investments.

STC’s full-service support includes:

  • Creation and maintenance of an LLC for each client account

Our LLC account structure offers you asset protection, ease of asset titling and simplifies partnering with other funding sources.

  • Immediate review of your transactions for IRS compliance

Our Client Services department reviews your transaction documents, upon receipt. Should there be any questions or concerns you are contacted immediately to discuss your transaction.

  • Same day processing of your investment transactions

When your completed transaction documents are received by 2:00pm eastern time, we can fund your investment transaction the same day.  You have the ability to respond quickly to investment opportunities while having the assurance your transactions are reviewed by experts.

  • Assistance in structuring complex transactions

Many self-directed investment transactions are complex and may involve multiple parties, specific seller requirements or the use of leverage. STC will help you structure your potential transactions properly.

  • Fulfillment of all administrative functions

STC will record and track all your account transactions, oversee the annual valuation, supervise the regulatory reporting and maintain financial statements for your account LLC.

Our full-service approach means you can focus your time and efforts on finding the best investments for your retirement account while STC takes care of everything else!

Benefits of Using an LLC with a Self-Directed IRA

Benefits of Using an LLC with a Self-Directed IRA

By Mick Hersh, Chief Operating Officer STC IRA

The process of using a Self-Directed IRA to buy non-traditional or alternative investment assets can be confusing and seem restrictive. One of the ways to simplify the process is by utilizing an LLC to make your investments…

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